100% owned by Caribbean Distribution Partners

(a 50/50 JV between Agostini’s Limited and Goddard Enterprises Limited)

T. D. Shuffler - Chairman
Michelle Kalloo - CEO / Director
A. J. Agostini - Director
A. Ali - Non Exec Director
C. O. Boxill - Finance Director/Company Secretary


124 Years of Service

In 1879 William Peter established a private coaling company to provide mineral coal for merchant ships plying the Caribbean and South American waters. The venture flourished under his dynamic direction. By the turn of the century, Peter & Company was the “leading coal merchant in the West Indies”. William Peter, died in 1933, leaving the Company to his two sons Gregor and Allan. With the replacement of coal with oil as fuel for the shipping industry, the company was inevitably sailing into the doldrums. William Peter’s great granddaughter Lilia together with her husband William Eaton struggled to maintain the business. Fortunately, Lilia’s friendship with Jeanette Goddard, a niece of the then Managing Director of the well known Barbados firm, would provide for the survival of Peter & Co. Ltd., when in 1961 of J. N Goddard & Sons of Barbados acquired majority shares in the company.

In January 2015, Peter & Company purchased ANSA McAl’s 1/3 shareholding stake in Bryden & Partners (St. Lucia) Ltd., a sister food & beverage company under the M&C Group of Companies banner, which is also owned by Goddard Enterprises Ltd. (GEL). The remaining shares in Brydens were purchased by Peter & Company (PCL) in June 2015 from M&C Ltd and the company divested its interests in all its non"food & beverage" operations and properties to focus on it fast moving consumer goods division.

In July 2015, Caribbean Distribution Partners Ltd. (a joint venture between Agostini Ltd. and GEL), purchased 100% of the shares of Peter & Company Ltd. and the company merged its Brydens and PCL food & beverage operations into a single legal entity trading as Peter & Company Distribution Ltd.