100% owned by Caribbean Distribution Partners

(a 50/50 JV between Agostini’s Limited and Goddard Enterprises Limited)

T. D. Shuffler - Chairman
J. J. Forde - CEO / Director
A. J. Agostini - Non Exec Director
W. P. Putnam - Non Exec Director
C. D. James - CFO / Company Secretary


COREA’S DISTRIBUTION LIMITEDThe history of Coreas Distribution Ltd, which was separatedfrom Coreas Hazells Inc. in July 2015, to become part ofthe Goddard’s and Agostini’s joint venture, Caribbean DistributionPartners Ltd, is a complex one as it has evolvedfrom the amalgamation of several companies over thepast 170 years.

Its earliest roots go back to Hazells Limited which wasestablished in St. Vincent in 1845 and is the oldest registered company in St. Vincent, with wholesale food andliquor being two of its departments that are relevant tothe company today. This company was acquired by Goddard’sin 1981.

Before that, in 1962, Goddard Enterprises Limited acquiredUnited Traders Limited, a privately owned companywhich traded in hardware (Hardware Department),food (Supermarket), motor vehicles (Automotive Department)and a Department Store.

In 1963 Goddard’s purchased another privately ownedcompany called Corea and Co Limited with similar tradingpractices to the above and included other activities.

Later, in 1968, another private company was purchased –Gerry Palmer Limited. In 1973, H.D. Dear Ltd – a companythat held lands at Cane Hall and several agencies includingB.A.T (British American Tobacco) – was also purchased.

In 1985, Goddard acquired 53.59% of the shares in W.B.Hutchinson & Co (St. Vincent) Limited and in 1990 all theremaining shares were acquired. WBH had a Food DistributionDepartment among others.

In February 2002, Coreas Trading Limited took over thetrading activities of W.B. Hutchinson (St. V) Ltd. In June2002, Corea’s Trading Ltd and Hazells Ltd amalgamatedunder the name – Coreas Hazells Inc. In July 2003, CoreasHazells Inc and Goddard Enterprises (ST. V) Ltd amalgamatedunder the name – Coreas Hazells Inc.