100% owned by Caribbean Distribution Partners

(a 50/50 JV between Agostini’s Limited and Goddard Enterprises Limited)

T. D. Shuffler - Chairman
V. Woods -CEO/Director
J.A. Carter - Director
A.J. Agostini - Non Exec Director
A. Ali - Non Exec Director
N. Storey - CFO


Hanschell & Company was founded in 1884 by Mr. Valdemar Hanschell. He was of Danish descent and came to Barbados from the Virgin Islands, continuing his trade in ship brokerage and eventually adding ship chandlery to his services. Cockspur Rum was also founded in 1884 as a Hanschell brand and with this addition, the company traded successfully into the twentieth century led by his sons.

During the 1930’s Mr. G. A Larsen, then Attorney to the company and also from Denmark, joined the business and the company changed its name to Hanschell, Larsen & Co. Ltd. The company continued through most of the early part of the century focused on ship chandlery and branching out into the local liquor market with Cockspur and Best Matured Rums as well as imported spirits.

The company Hanschell Inniss Limited as we know it today was formed in 1970 through the merging of J. H. Inniss & Son Ltd. and Hanschell Larsen & Co. Ltd.. J. H. Inniss & Son Ltd was the importing arm of a merchant company, which developed its agency business as a result of being appointed as the agents for world renown brands such as Mars and Kellogg’s. The combined company Hanschell Inniss Limited continued its operations in ship chandlery while expanding its market share in servicing the hotel sector and well as selling FMCG products to the retail sector.

In 1973 Goddard’s agreed to buy out the main shareholders in Hanschell Inniss and combined it with an existing Goddard subsidiary which already represented several food and spirits lines. Investment in what was then an ultra-modern facility at the current location at Kensington allowed the company to expand further and this included the birth of the EVE brand of hamburgers and hot dogs from its own meat processing plant (which

would later become Hipac Limited) and later the launch of the Farmers Choice brand as well. Further growth was derived through the acquisition of Atkinson & Wolfe, a leading distributor of meats and fish and supplier company to the hospitality trade. Simeon Hunte & Son Ltd. with a range of agencies complementary to the Hanschell brands was also acquired.

In 1992 a joint venture company with International Distillers & Vintners (IDV), part of the Grand Metropolitan Group of the UK was formed, ID Caribbean (Distribution) Limited was formed to handle the distribution and marketing of all IDV brands and the Hanschell Inniss brands of rum and locally produced spirits throughout the Caribbean. ID Caribbean was subsequently merged with Hanschell Inniss Limited resulting in a Wines & Spirits division being formed in each of the distribution companies in the Goddard’s group.

Today Hanschell Inniss is a leading FMCG distributor in Barbados and as of July 2015, became one of the companies in the Caribbean Distribution Partners joint venture.